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Garden landscaping case studies

M&P Mckeown Landscapes quite often revisit projects that we have constructed. We do this to take photographs and document how our customers are enjoying their new space.

These case studies often contain images about the projects to help future customers make the right choice when choosing a landscaping service for their project and what style would suit them and their garden space, why not book a free design consultation.

Muxton – Garden Transformation

On this particular project in Muxton, our clients wanted to upgrade their garden to a more contemporary design. They both enjoyed being in their garden and entertaining family and friends. However their current garden was outdated, the slabs had become loose and they had no useable space for them to have a garden that they both wanted to spend time in.

After our brief and understanding of what our clients wanted to get out of their garden, we knew exactly the type of garden that suited their lifestyle.
The finished design created lots of space for entertaining, creating a modern and sharp look, but in keeping with the surroundings. Our clients were overjoyed to finally have a garden that they both wanted, and now had their perfect garden to enjoy and create long-lasting memories.

Garden DesignGarden Design
Garden DesignLandscaping Telford

Shifnal – Garden Transformation

Our project in Shifnal was to modernise the garden and create a space that would be low maintenance and would accommodate a family with two young children, but also give the parents a place where they can sit and relax. The current garden was divided by an old fence, causing a lot of wasted space. The lawn was uneven and the original paving was old grey slabs, making the garden look dull and uninviting.

The garden we built was now a space that all the family could enjoy. We created a large lawn area for the children to run around and play, We removed the old fence opening up the whole of the garden and installed a large porcelain terrace which extended to the rear of the garden to a secluded seating area with a modern gazebo and enclosed with red cedar.

The old wall was hidden behind red cedar where the hot tub was to be positioned. The garden created a bright, fresher, modern and useable garden that both the children and parents could finally enjoy together.

Garden DesignGarden Design

Apley – Garden Transformation

Our project in Apley was a blank canvas. Our clients had recently moved into the property and wanted a garden with a rustic feel. They both enjoyed gardening and wanted us to include places for them to do their own planting, but making it low maintenance.

We built a garden that had large planters, but at a height which made it easy for our clients to add their own planting. We constructed a seating area out of sleepers with a floating bench attached to the planter. The planter was built slightly offset, so once it was planted up it would create the eye to wonder into the garden. We achieved what our clients wanted, with a rustic, low maintenance garden, with planters for them to enjoy their gardening and add their own personal touch with the plants.

Garden DesignGarden Design Telford

Our steps to creating that perfect garden


The first step in having your garden professionally designed is meeting up and putting ideas down on paper with our expert and experienced landscape design team.

Garden design

We are impassioned about designing outdoor spaces. Creating unique and functional areas, expertly designed to our client’s needs and requirements.

Garden Build

We work with our own great specialist contractors, making sure you’re getting the right skilled people for the job.


The finishing touches to any great garden design is planting.

Lighting & Electrics

The latest electrical solutions can be installed for all-year round and all-weather garden use.

Clean & Tidy

All of our products that we use are Eco Friendly and good for the environment.

There are many sections that need to come together and balance when creating that perfect garden. Such as Scale, space, colour, purpose, budget, originality all plays a part in creating an amazing garden design that stands out and something special happens.

Some of Our Work

Looking for a local garden design company? From our head office in the heart of Telford, our diverse design team can create the perfect garden for you. Whatever your garden’s size, your needs or your preferred style, take a look at a selection of recent projects to get you inspired by what could be possible for your garden.

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Garden Design

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