The perfect plants for Commercial Spaces

Commercial space planting has evolved from planting a few types of plants to many kinds of plants. However, commercial spaces require plants which require less attention. So, here is a list of low-maintenance plants you can have in your office or any other commercial space.

Devil’s Ivy

The evergreen vine known as Devil’s Ivy, also referred to by its common name, Pothos, is an excellent addition to any commercial space.

It is large and often heart-shaped, and the leaves range in tone from light to dark.

The good news is that there’s a wide range of lighting conditions at the office, and this species does well in all of them.


This imperial green plant is a hybrid created by humans; its huge, lush, deep-green leaves have a glossy lustre. And can keep their sleek appearance even when grown in partial shade.

They thrive in low moisture content and temperatures between 18 and 20 degrees Celsius – Making them perfect for offices where they can be part of a massive display in the corner of the room.

Finally, if you wish to create a tropical atmosphere in your office, this is your plant.

Snake Plant – an excellent addition to commercial space planting

We present to you one of the hardest houseplants ever: This resilient plant does not require a lot of water or sunlight.

Also, It only needs a good watering once every few weeks. To prevent root rot, irrigate only when the soil is parched.

Finally, it is an excellent choice in commercial space panting because of its low maintenance properties.

Peace Lilly

Nothing purifies the air like a peaceful lily. Its white blossoms are also pretty. Another excellent addition to commercial space planting.

Also, a well-lit area should be avoided, but it should not be kept in complete darkness.

Finally, you should water it once a week and mist the leaves occasionally, especially in the heat.


This plant in a pot will make a bold impression on a tabletop or other flat surface. This stunning plant is also referred to as the Swiss cheese plant because of its unusually shaped leaves.

In addition, it requires very little light to thrive. Don’t water the plant unless the upper half of the ground is dry; give it plant food once a month. It does not get any low maintenance than this!

Spider Plant

You can let your spider plants dry out a little between waterings; they like it that way.

The plant does best in bright, indirect sunlight, so you don’t need a window seat to ensure its survival.

In addition, the plant is low maintenance and does not need to be watered daily.

Finally, it is an excellent choice for commercial space planting, and this is perfect if you just need a little bit of beauty on your desk!


Numerous plants can be an excellent fit for your commercial space planting. We have mentioned a few, but there are hundreds of choices. Finally, we at M & P Mckeown Landscaping have been in the garden design field for many years. So, contact us today for your garden design or plant selection queries. And did you know we are offering free quotes? Ask here! Thanks for the Read!