Contemporary Gardens are incomplete without these Elements

If you are a modern design fanatic, this blog post is for you—contemporary means modern, up-to-date and in trend.

So, contemporary gardens require the latest design incorporations. Some people prefer a DIY approach when designing or planning their garden. However, it is best to consult a professional to get an ideal contemporary design.

You must also note that contemporary designs always keep on changing. In fact, they may completely change their form after each decade.

Please read on to learn about the must-have elements of contemporary gardens.

Smart and Sleek

In the contemporary garden 2023, a smart and sleek touch is paramount. Your modern garden design must have 100% accurate measurements and dimensions down to the last centimetres.

It must have the following elements:

  • Clearly defined spaces.
  • Neat and clean lines.
  • Plants which don’t become unruly and grow in an expected way.
  • Clear paths.
  • Grave-filled beds.
  • Pale and green plants while avoiding multi-coloured plants.


In contemporary gardens, you must use eye-catching elements through their unique contrast. Using gravel or stones in the pathways of your garden is one way to do it. Another way is to avoid using too bright or too pale colours and stay in the medium range of green.

Furthermore, you must adopt colour simplicity to achieve the true contrast of a modern garden design.

Zen Elements of Contemporary Gardens

Relaxation and washing off negative energy is the true purpose of a garden. The primary elements that serve this purpose in contemporary gardens are the Zen elements.

The most common types of these elements are the water features. In addition, you can incorporate ponds and fountains to serve the same purpose. The more, the merrier seems great, but don’t overdo it. In most cases handled by M & P Mckeown Landscaping, we usually added one or two water elements.

Moreover, other popular Zen elements are seating areas with furniture made from wood. Also, sand, stones and pebbles add more power to the contemporary gardens.

Finally, these Zen elements impart a look and feel of nature. For instance, seating areas require wood; water features require stone, etc. The more natural it is, the more tension and stress it will release.


In short, contemporary is a simple garden design with many smart features. From colour selection to elements picks and relaxation elements, all are essential bits of a modern garden.

According to the garden design experts in Shropshire County, they experienced a rise in contemporary garden requests. It is mainly because of their sleek nature and social media hype.

Contemporary gardens are never a DIY approach; consulting a professional garden designer is highly recommended.

Fortunately, at M & P Mckeown Landscaping, we offer FREE garden design consultations for a limited time. Ask for it now and start building your contemporary gardens. Thanks for the Read!