New Materials In Garden Design Architecture

Modifications to garden layouts are made to keep up with the times and remain harmonious with the properties they complement. Recently, there has been a rise in the availability of materials used to make modern gardens look sleek and beautiful. Modern architecture, interior design, and landscape architecture use innovative approaches to blend historical and contemporary styles and elements. Please read on to learn more about the new materials used in garden design architecture.

What are the new materials?

When we say new materials, we mean new alloys, wood types and types of stone used in the building of a garden and its various elements.

For instance, bronze is a new alloy of choice for its numerous benefits in a few garden features.

Furthermore, there are two areas where you need to add different materials for other purposes. Those areas are:

  • Softscapes
  • Hardscapes

Softscapes include the following materials:


Soil and dirt are two separate things, at least in the eyes of a gardener or landscaper. Also, growing nutritious crops in the dirt are usually frowned upon.

In addition, the soil is either too land-like or too hard, two common reasons. However, this soil can become a fertile organic garden with some work.

To do this, organic materials like compost and manure are used. Or you may construct elevated garden beds and fill them with sterile, new soil.


Mulches can be made of inorganic materials, but we’ll focus on organic mulches today. This floor cover offers several advantages for your environment if you decide to use it:

  • More water absorption.
  • Minimum weed growth.
  • It keeps on adding new minerals and essentials to the soil over time.

Hardscape often has the following types of new materials:


The usage of concrete in landscaping projects is prevalent. Driveways, sidewalks, curbs, coloured benches, outdoor stairs, patio bases, and many other items can all be built using concrete.

Finally, you can also improve the atmosphere with glass and wood finishing.


The addition of lights to your yard makes it possible to spend warm summer evenings there instead of sweltering indoors. Similarly, they give your landscape a more personal feel in the evening and make it simpler to spot flying insects.

Building a fence through new materials

A fence is an excellent way to separate your property from the outdoors of your neighbours. Also, it can serve as an internal landscape barrier, keeping children away from the pool.

Lastly, brick, concrete, metal, bamboo, wood, and vinyl are a few of the often used materials for fencing.

Landscape fillers in garden design architecture

Gravel is a material used to fill spaces in many landscapes. Many homeowners use it for their driveways compared to the price of filling concrete.

Also, it enhances the beauty of flower beds and trees in a yard when used as a border.

Finally, gravel can also be used as a land cover since it depletes water quickly and efficiently.


So, in the end, we conclude that the new materials have recolonised the garden constructions. Also, modern garden design architecture requires the usage of new alloys and materials for completion. Finally, if you want a complete garden design with an excellent selection of materials, don’t hesitate to get in touch with M & P Mckeown Landscaping. Or ask for a free quote here. Thanks for the Read!