Quick and Easy Garden Styling Tips – Autumn Inspired Planters

Garden styling is an ancient art which we can observe in old Roman, Greek and Persian arts. But today is 2022, and the need for garden design desires a modern style, economic and lavish atmosphere. In addition, autumn plants bring out the best colours of the year and are a treat for the eyes and soul. Please read more about garden styling tips with autumn inspires planters.

What are autumn-inspired planters?

Planters are the containers, pots and miniature housings which host the plants within their spaces. And the planters we are looking at take their inspiration from autumn – the most exquisite time of the year.

Garden design and styling tips

Here are a few quick and easy garden styling tips for an impeccable garden design:

Choose a container suitable to your taste.

Choose one that you genuinely like to get some inspiration for your autumn planter. Consider a plant with some vibrant colour to add some zing to a drab autumn day.

Also, choose vegetation with complementary or contrasting coloured foliage and stems.

Finally, the vivid colour of the container must be in contrast with the plant inside it.

Try texturing

Use two or three different plants in one container. Also, make sure that their colours show vibrant texture.

Flowers only last for a short time, so if you want to enjoy the display all season long, select autumn container plants with attractive foliage.

How about colourful grass?

It’s common sense that autumn gardens would benefit from the movement and colour provided by ornamental grasses.

Don’t forget about them when planning your container gardens! Potted grasses tend to look especially lovely.

Finally, the pink mums and the yellow strawflower stand out beautifully against the purple fountaingrass and the blue fescue.

Live and dry combo

Combining live plants with their dried counterparts is one strategy for creating beautiful container gardens.

You can take planters with live plants and fill them with dried ones.

Mix light and dark

Plants with silvery leaves or delicate pink blooms are a great way to inject unexpected colour and contrast into your fall garden. It means you can combine light colour plants or flowers with dark-coloured ones to make a contrast.

Unique Autumn planters

Use a unique container, like a rusty old birdbath, to draw attention to a group of outstanding plants. You might also use a bushel basket, a wooden crate, or something else with personality.


After trying your best, it is time to hope for the best. But don’t stay still; keep imagining and be more creative with your garden design. We shared some quick and easy garden styling tips, mostly autumn inspired. Finally, is that much work worth your time and effort? That depends on your personality- Do you love to work on your garden or only enjoy it? Finally, whichever the case, feel free to ask for a free quote from UK’s finest garden designers – M & P Mckeown Landscaping. Thanks for the Read!