Top UK Garden Design Ideas for 2022

After months of being kept in our homes, it’s no surprise that everyone’s attention has turned to their gardens. In 2021, our gardens were where we went to escape, and garden design reflected this.

In 2022, however, with winter coming to an end and warmer months just around the corner, garden design will be about celebration. Celebrating the opportunity to enjoy the outdoors with our friends and family once more. So, if you’re looking for garden design ideas for 2022, we’ve got you covered!

Here are our favourite garden design ideas for 2022:

Tropical and Colourful Plants

Seeing as you may not be able to travel as much as you would in 2022. Why not bring a tropical feel to your garden instead?

Tropical plants will bring bright colours and life into your garden, creating the illusion that you’re somewhere closer to the equator.

Think bright foliage, Bird of Paradise, Anthuriums, Cannas, and Caladiums. All of these are easy to look after and can bring any garden to life!

Bringing the indoors outdoors

Lockdown left all of us craving the outdoors. This is why more and more people are trying to create hybrid spaces in their gardens.

Things like garden rooms, covered patios, decks, and other spaces where you can set up some furniture, a fire pit, and a bbq.

Creating one of these spaces allows you to entertain your guests in a safe manner, and enjoy the upcoming summer in true alfresco style.

Better Water Management

For those focused on their budget and sustainability, better water management is a must in 2022. Start by examining the water runoff from your roof and seeing where it goes.

Installing new guttering or a swale can help to distribute water better throughout your garden to help keep your plants luscious and healthy.

Artificial Turf

A fresh lawn can be wonderful, but it requires a great deal of maintenance. This is why people are considering Artificial Turf. It looks fantastic all year round and saves you time and money as you don’t have to cut or water your lawn!

Plus, if you choose the very latest in materials, your lawn and your property will look incredible all year round!


As people become more conscious about the environment, sustainability at home has become a big focus in the UK. In your garden, there is a number of ways that you can be more sustainable.

This could mean improving the bio-diversity of your garden, choosing drought-resistant plants, or managing your resources such as water better. Even starting a compost heap can help make your garden more sustainable.

Decorative Walls

Decorative walls can transform gardens of any size! Choosing either brick, stone, or wood can create a focal point in your garden that will impress anyone who comes to your garden!

Final Thoughts

No matter which of these trends you choose, be sure to call experts who can help you bring your dream garden to life!