Essentials of Garden Design Lights

Have you walked through a major city at night? Seeing the same buildings lit up with different lights can completely change the look and feel of a city. Did you know that you can achieve the same effect in your garden?

Lights are an important part of garden design that is often overlooked. Furthermore, lights are often seen simply as a security measure, instead of an element that can enhance your design even further.

So, to help you brighten up your garden, here are some great lighting tips that you can incorporate into your garden design.

Lighting Tips for your Garden

Here are some creative ways that you can use lights in your garden.

Over-head String Lights

If you want to take a page out of the book of ‘trendy’ beer gardens, then string lights are the way to go. The perfect place for string lights is an outdoor room or a partially covered space in your garden.

Otherwise, if you don’t have anywhere to hang them overhead, don’t worry.

String lights create an intimate effect that will suit any event or gathering in your garden.

Fairy Lights

Fairy lights are another great way to light your garden. They can be hung from walls or fences, laid along garden beds, and even hidden in plants and trees. No matter how you use them, they are sure to add a touch of magic to your garden.

Path Lights

Path lights have a dual effect in any garden. Firstly, they create a great effect when running along a garden path. Secondly, they act as a safety feature that lights the way for people to walk through your garden at night.

The most popular path lights are in-ground options or short lamps that are stuck in the ground along a path.


For a dramatic effect, spotlights are the option for you. We aren’t talking about blinding spotlights mounted to your gutter, however. Instead, we mean ground spotlights used to highlight trees, plants, and other features of your garden from below.

Water Features

How can you make a water feature extra special? With a touch of light of course! Fountains and water features can look breath-taking when lit up correctly at night.


Similar to paths, lighting any stairs is both a practical and aesthetic choice. Simply make sure that any wiring is installed by a professional.

Pro-Tip: Eyes always go to the brightest point.

When planning your garden lighting, keep this in mind. Use your brightest lights to either illuminate an entertainment area or your favourite part of your garden.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, there are several great ways to light up your garden. If you need help choosing and fitting the best lights for your garden, contact us today!