Use mirrors to enhance a small backyard.

Undoubtedly, mirrors are a perfect way to enhance a small garden backyard. Experts at M & P Mckeown Landscaping have used them on numerous projects and possess the creativity to use them ideally. Moreover, please keep reading to learn more about the use of mirrors in your garden design.

Extra space

The first and foremost perk of using mirrors in your garden or backyard is that they provide an illusion of a vast space.

Also, small garden owners might strategically position a mirror to deceive the person into believing there is more garden and more to visit.

Reflection on green beauty

Mirror the natural splendour of your garden’s plants and flowers. When viewed in a mirror, a single flower can appear to be two.

Furthermore, a wiser approach to using multiple mirrors can increase the visual number of flowers and plants.

No more dark corners

Do you have any dark or shaded corners in your backyard? Well, they will be no more once you place a mirror or two at the right angle to the sunlight. They will reflect the sunlight into those corners, thus providing light.

Furthermore, mirrors can reflect light, which invigorates the space surrounding them. You might even be able to change the microclimate to the point that you can cultivate plants using the same selection technique. You can do it using sunlight and mirrors – By reflecting light and warmth.

More Illusions

You might have seen in movies when a villain plays tricks by making them pass through a maze of mirrors. It happens because mirrors, when used together, can create illusions. Also, these illusions make things appear, which are actually somewhere else.

It is an exciting task and technique to play with. Who knows, you may discover an even more fantastic trick by experimenting with mirrors.

You may use Mirrors on the ground.

So, think outside the box and let your imagination cruise around. An ordinary person will only think of placing the mirror vertically. Similarly, if you are not familiar, you need to think bigger.

Likewise, try using the mirrors horizontally and see what can you make of them.

Furthermore, the presence of water in the garden creates a beautiful natural mirror that reflects the sky and the scenery around it. Ponds are ideal for this purpose, but even the smallest of puddles can elevate the aesthetic value of a setting.

So, try to create a creative and exciting garden design using natural (shiny spaces, water etc.) and artificial mirrors.


Anything like a window can be created with an illusion mirror to achieve a dramatic impression. A mirror is a transforming addition that should not be ignored, regardless of the garden design you choose.

Furthermore, being creative is always the best path. Also, overdoing it can be expensive, and the outcome will be an ‘eye sore’.

Finally, do you have any ideas concerning using mirrors in your backyard and garden? Also, we provide free consultations and quotes, so please don’t hesitate to contact us!