Plants are never the starting point in garden design.

Do you start with plants when designing your garden? If so, you’re doing it all wrong! Plants are never the starting point in garden design; instead, start by thinking about the layout of your space. Likewise, the true foundation of any garden is the layout of hardscape features like pathways, patios, and walls. Once you plan, you can select the right plants to fit that scheme. Read on for more tips on garden design planting to create a beautiful and functional garden.

What is garden design planting?

Garden design planting is the process of planning and planting an aesthetically pleasing and functional garden.

In most cases, this is a component of garden design. It usually includes creating paved areas, landforms, water features, and vertical and horizontal structures.

Also, you must consider the placement of various plants, bushes, and trees to create a garden that is attractive and easy to care for.

In addition, gardeners must also consider the climate and soil type to choose plants that will thrive in their particular location.

Finally, with a little planning and forethought, you can create a beautiful and sustainable garden – That will provide years of enjoyment.

Why are plants not the starting point?

You must know that planting is a later point in garden design. Usually, before starting the garden, people tend to consider planting first. However, that is not the right approach.

The most important factors that professionals like M&P Mckeown Landscaping consider before planting are:

  • Before starting a garden design, it is important to get input from the client. Also, this will help ensure that the garden meets the client’s needs and wants.
  • What type of garden do you need? Is it for food or leisure? Or is it for both?
  • When planning your landscape, you should consider the climate of your location, the topography of your site, and the type of soil you have.
  • To make the most out of your yard, think about the people in or around it. Is your yard going to be used by kids? Do you own any animals? Are you looking forward to hosting parties in your backyard? Use smart plantings and hardscapes to divide your landscape into distinct areas for different purposes. So, people can be transported from one location to another via walkways.
  • Think about a theme. In addition, theme gardens are always a delight to watch.
  • Make the most of your yard by treating it as an extension of your house. Your landscape should have distinct “rooms,” just like home; by using your resources properly, you may build various “rooms.”
  • Think about the plants and list the worthy candidates for your garden. Only make a list, don’t buy them.

These are only a few points that need consideration before you can start planting.

Also, if you have not done garden design planting before, it is highly recommended to hire a professional. Here you can ask us for a free quote!


Plants are never the starting point in garden design. The first step is to consider how you want people to feel in the space and what kind of atmosphere you’re trying to create.

After that, plants are chosen based on their ability to support that feeling and fulfill the garden’s needs as a whole. This is why we focus so much on garden design planting. After all, getting the foundation right is essential for a beautiful and successful garden. If you’re curious about learning more about our process or have any questions, don’t hesitate to reach out. We would be happy to help!