Doing garden renovation? Remember this!

Garden renovation is not something you do overnight. You had years to think about the pros and cons of your old garden design. So, it already started when you did not like something about your old garden.

Here are a few things to remember!

Plan wisely

It’s important to plan ahead when undertaking a landscaping project. It is vital because the costs associated with a total garden remodel may quickly add up.

So, it is vital to plan smartly while cutting costs where possible.

In addition, your plan must have the essentials that need transformation.

Finally, note down the steps of your garden renovation and get digging.

Don’t throw it – Change!

Why toss when you can use the same stuff to create something beautiful? So, try to include old items in your new garden.

Whatever can be painted, paint it, and whatever can be fixed, fix it!

Swap plants

Ask your neighbour for a bunch of bearded irises and give them some of your salvias to help you save money on plants.

Or organise a community event for plant swapping with a larger group.

Results will take time to come.

Getting larger, more mature plants from the garden centre can be enticing so that you can see results right away.

Also, when properly cared for, young plants can quickly mature at a reduced cost.

They adjust to the circumstances in your garden much more quickly as well.

Finally, young plants will take time to reach maturity but will save you a lot of money.

Design the garden

Start sketching or use CAD software to aid you in your garden design. A garden renovation will only succeed if you have a clear design ready.

Furthermore, if you need our help with this, call us. We have experienced garden designers who have transformed numerous backyards. Please check our case studies and past works here.

Make an ideal lawn

A seasoned gardener will know that the lawn is the soul of a garden. However, remember that it is generally best to have professionals handle issues on your lawn.

Additionally, paying for a quality service upfront can save you money on tools, chemicals, and seeds.

Furthermore, you need to seek the help of a professional like M & P Mckeown Landscaping if your lawn:

  • Has brown spots
  • Has Mushroom growth
  • Has moss growth
  • Has unevenness
  • Has bald spots

Finally, please remember that lawn care products can be dangerous if used incorrectly. It’s worth handing this off to the experts because deciding on the best action can be complicated and time-consuming.


The garden renovation tips above are some of the most useful advice. So, plan wisely, try swapping the plants, and don’t throw away garden materials.

Furthermore, when attempting garden renovation, please know that good things take time. So, be patient and remember to draw a proper garden layout.

Finally, if a garden renovation is too much for you, M & P Mckeown Landscaping is always here to help. Thanks for the Read!