Landscaping design essentials for the health facilities

Regarding landscaping design for health facilities, you must keep a few fundamental essentials in mind. By creating a beautiful and welcoming outdoor space, you can help to encourage patients to get outside and enjoy some fresh air. This blog post will look at some of the most essential aspects of landscaping designs for health facilities. Keep reading for more information!

More Green

Landscaping designs for health facilities require you to adopt the maximum green space. Sitting and enjoying a green space has the following benefits for your patients:

  • Stress reduction.
  • Fatigue reduction.
  • Minimizing the chance of heart disease.
  • Cognitive perks.
  • Boost positivity.

Flowers and ornamentals

Ornamental shrubs and flowers can have a significant impact on the overall happiness of your patients. Not only do they boost their mood, but they also provide them relaxing sights.

Healing gardens

Recently, the concept of a healing garden has gained popularity due to the widespread belief in its curative powers.

Use beds of aromatic flowers, like roses, to create a therapeutic or healing garden. Also, Lavender and other low-maintenance plants work well, too.

Retreats for a short break

Add shady spots and places to sit throughout your landscaping for maximum enjoyment.

These provide a quiet space for employees to have lunch without worrying about patients or guests. And they also offer a welcome diversion for those needing a break from their caregiving duties.

Finally, seating, planters, and flowerbeds should all be abundant in courtyards and other public spaces.

Green everywhere

The ideal landscaping designs for health facilities include green spaces in almost all parts of the hospital.

For instance, outdoor parking has green patches on the unused spaces. In addition, they enhance the overall appeal of the parking.

Furthermore, the entrance must also include a touch of landscape design, providing a fresh welcome to the visitors and staff.

Water features

There is no doubt that water features can add a touch of beauty and relaxation to any landscape design.

But did you know that they can also positively impact your health? Studies have shown that the sound of running water can help to lower blood pressure and heart rate, while the sight of moving water can help to reduce stress levels.

In addition, water features can also provide a much-needed sense of calm in busy environments. For these reasons, many hospitals and clinics are now incorporating water features into their landscaping designs.

So next time you want to add a little decoration to your health facility, consider a water feature!


Landscaping designs for health facilities are not only about making a space look pretty. It’s also vitally important for the health and well-being of patients, staff, and visitors in healthcare facilities. So, if you’re responsible for designing or renovating a healthcare facility, don’t forget these essential landscaping tips! Get in touch today for more information on how we at M & P Mckeown Landscaping help turn your outdoor spaces into havens of healing. Or ask for a free quote here. Thanks for the Read!