Five things that make a Low Maintenance Garden Design

Native plants, more hardscaping, and a simpler design make up a low maintenance garden design. In addition, experts at M & P Mckeown Landscaping explain what you need to deploy for such a design. Please read on!

Importance of evergreen plants

Want your garden to appear lovely when you return from work but need more time to maintain it?

If you want a low maintenance garden design, pavers aren’t necessary. Take evergreens into account; they can provide a striking backdrop for colourful accents.

And it is all thanks to their varied leaf forms and textures.

Trim Down the Garden

When you move into a house with a big yard, it’s tempting to plant a forest in it. You may have a very particular vision for the appearance of your home’s exterior, down to the number and type of flowers you want.

Despite your best gardening efforts, tending to many plants will quickly consume your time. Instead, focus on cultivating a few key plant types in your garden. If you want to invest more time in your landscaping, you may do so.

Finally, there’s no need to rush into planting flowers, shrubs, or vegetables – Instead, take your time selecting a few plants you like and learning how much care they need.

Refrain from Decking

In the United Kingdom, decking is a high-maintenance and potentially dangerous surface.

Composite decking boards are a low-maintenance alternative to wood decking.

And low-porous paving materials, like slate, are preferable.

Plant species that are natural to your area.

Under places with year-round high temperatures, plants that thrive in milder conditions will wither and die.

You may need to hydrate them thrice a day rather than twice weekly. When looking for low-maintenance garden ideas, it’s better to stay with species native to your environment.

Furthermore, native plants don’t have to make any adjustments to thrive in your garden’s environment.

So, they reduce your irrigation needs and increase the garden’s sustainability.

Finally, native plants are your best pals when looking for a low maintenance garden design.

Hire professional garden designers

A DIY sounds fun for some, and it chimes like saving money for others. But a professional’s touch and input can significantly impact the end results.

Fortunately, for Brits living in Telford and surrounding areas, M & P Mckeown Landscaping is available at a moment’s notice.

Lastly, you can ask for a free quote or contact the experts here.


A low maintenance garden design is a dream for most busy people. Working on Sundays and off days seems fun, but most people don’t want to work daily on their garden.

Also, by adding native plants, reducing the garden area, and hiring experts, you can transform your backyard.

Finally, the good news is that you won’t have to do anything most of the time. Since a low maintenance garden design saves you time and lets you enjoy its gifts. Thanks for the Read!