Exceptional Gardens for Residents

There are different styles and types of gardens in the UK that you may want to deploy in your backyard. Of course, it depends on your taste and imagination, but a residents garden design with a specific theme is often appreciated by most. Here are a few of them:

Resident garden design: Rock garden

The rock/stones with cracks are used extensively in a rockery, also known as an alpine garden.

The plants that thrive in this area are typically dwarf varieties requiring less water and good drainage soil.

So, to avoid looking artificial, landscaping using rocks should blend in with its surroundings.

Lastly, it doesn’t matter if it’s in full sun or a little bit of shade.

An Indoor Garden

An indoor garden is a great way to “bring the outside in,” as they say. Foliage from houseplants comes in many sizes, shapes, and colours; most just need a little fertiliser to thrive.

Most houseplants are trees and shrubs and need only a few hours of sunshine per day to thrive.

Lastly, the sunlight entering a room depends on several factors, including the season (sun’s inclination, length of day), window coverings, wall colour, and interior layout.

A Flower Garden

A flower garden is a mix of plants of varying heights, colours, textures, and fragrances to give attention and delight to the senses.

Also, it is mainly planted for decorative use.

In addition, trees, bushes, and ground cover should form the three tiers of your garden plan.

Lastly, other features include Building planter boxes, borders, and paths.

Royal Gardens

Depicting the style of royalties and planting in a classic style yields a royal garden design. However, most residents don’t have the facility of large spaces like those found in royal gardens in the UK.

But fear not; a smaller space can also yield an excellent royal garden design.

A Kitchen Garden

Unlike the rest of the house’s garden, which likely has more beautiful plants and a lawn, the kitchen garden is only used during certain times. A patch of land where various plants, including edibles, can coexist.

Also, when planning a kitchen garden, it’s crucial to determine which fruits, vegetables, and herbs will be most helpful.

In addition, containers and climbers are viable options for those who need to make the most of a bit of floor space.

Your kitchen garden should face south, be close to a water source, and be easily accessible.

Finally, if you’re short on square footage, a step-down layout will help you get as much light as possible to each plant.


Finally, the most vital aspect of any residents garden design is the designer you choose to work with. Fortunately, we at M & P Mckeown Landscaping have designed and successfully implemented all the above strategies all over the UK. Please ask for a free quote today so we can get started on your personal favourite garden design. Furthermore, we love to be creative and tell us what you expect from your garden. And we will make your dream come true. Thanks for the Read!