The Garden Design Process – Essential steps

It is a huge undertaking to completely revamp your landscape. If you attempt to do it yourself, that may be the case. After reviewing multiple DIY (cases gone bad), we recommend studying this guide on the garden design process.

M & P Mckeown Landscaping offers a comprehensive garden makeover solution to make realising your ideal garden a breeze. Managing all aspects of your garden’s conception, construction, illumination, planting, and maintenance. Please read on to learn about the essential steps in the garden design process.

The meeting with the designer

Initial meetings with a designated designer are for brainstorming and receiving advice. The consultation is crucial since it will help you select the optimal design package.

Whether you’re planning a front garden, rear garden, or both, setting up a pool, or need a building permit – you must prepare for this step.

Lastly, put all your requests on the table without hesitation.

Site visit and survey

Experts will measure your garden’s length, width, and height to draw a detailed plan.

Initial ideas and views on the design, as well as any additional comments, will be presented.

In addition, there might be some changes to your request (if needed) in this step. A good designer will tell you everything clearly.

Finally, the entire garden design process will start after this step.

Designing the concept

An initial concept will be developed using the collected data. In gardening, this is commonly referred to as a bubble diagram.

In this phase of the garden design process, the experts will highlight the following areas:

  • Functional areas
  • Seating space
  • Aesthetically pleasing places
  • Potential location of trees
  • Landscaping
  • Viewpoints/aspect directions
  • other elements

CAD design

CAD drawings can sometimes present a more succinct rigid image, while hand-drawn methods give greater originality. Also, a hand-drawn design can show off a designer’s aesthetic prowess.

Which method you choose relies on your personal preference. You can have M & P Mckeown Landscaping design by hand or computer-aided design software.

Garden design process – Construction

After completing all the blueprints and drawings, now is the time for construction.

A project management team will visit your site and double-check all the technical aspects on site. They will prepare the necessary team members and order materials to alter your garden.

Finally, this is the last step of your garden design process, and the physical work of transforming your backyard will start.


Now you know how to plan a garden from start to finish. Most people would agree that it’s really original and thoughtful work. Prices and expenditures are indicative of the level of expertise required.

Lastly, finding the right landscape construction business can take some time, and you should feel completely at ease working with anyone hired. If you are a resident of Telford or reside nearby, M & P Mckeown Landscaping is a highly vetted and trusted name. Your garden design process is important to us, and we will take care of everything. You can ask for a FREE quote now. Thanks for the Read!