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    M & P Mckeown Landscapes, Wolverhampton garden design. See our social media pages, learn more about our garden designs, providing garden design ideas to get you enlivened.

    We are impassioned about landscaping, the outdoors and gardening as a form of therapy.

    We are experts in garden design in the Telford, Shrewsbury, Bridgnorth, Codsall, Shropshire and Wolverhampton areas of the West Midlands. Specifically small, tricky, or unusual gardens. We love a challenge and using our creative design and problem-solving to create incredible spaces for our customers.

    Clients often confuse a small garden with a simple garden design. This is often one of the most challenging gardens to design effectively and successfully. Given the fact that you have such limited space; getting the design aspects wrong can completely ruin your garden space, design.

    The correct garden design can save you money by:

    • Saving time in getting to your final design
    • Creating a vision and clear view of the garden you’re creating
    • Design expertise means you can avoid ‘assumption’ in, tools, materials & planting
    • Removing wasted money on inapposite plants
    • A scaled design of your garden for contractors to quote from
    • Allowing easier contrast of quotes as they are all from the same blueprint

    Small and problematic gardens can be difficult to design yourself as you may simply become thrown. With what to plant, the number of plants, how large will they grow and exactly how much is too much!

    Garden Design Landscaping:

    M & P Mckeown Landscapes Wolverhampton takes the trouble and stresses out of garden design, delivering a truly magical outdoor space for you to relax, enjoy or entertain in. Whether you want a full garden makeover or a planting plan for a tricky space then we can help you.

    Wolverhampton garden design
    Wolverhampton garden design

    Height in a garden, is fundamental as part of our style, whether this is raised planters or containers. We also like to use a stunning colour scheme. Whilst our designs usually have a contemporary feel, we quite like bucking the trend and mixing in some more traditional elements. M & P Mckeown Landscapes like to look back as well as look forward when finding inspiration for my Wolverhampton Garden Designs.

    What is garden design?

    Garden Design is a professional, experienced skill in which a garden designer, like M & P Mckeown Landscapes, must survey a plot and then craft a design that applies both hard landscaping and planting to create a look that is both functional, practical, and beautiful based on the client’s goals.

    Thought such as soil type, property aspect, topography, hazards, adjacent properties, existing planting, and a multitude of other factors all need to be considered.

    It’s a really problematic concentration, as often a designer is having to explicate what a client wants, ie a look, into a practical design with planting that can give the look they want under the garden conditions they have.

    Creative problem solving is a skill that we as garden designers all share. It involves considerations that most people would miss or overlook, for example; will that tree lose its leaves in winter and make that path slippery?

    Wolverhampton Garden Design pointers

    There’s a lot to think about with a garden redesign, so we have created some garden design pointers to help with garden design Wolverhampton ideas. There are a number of considerations when designing a small garden or tricky shaped garden.

    Using the space efficiently

    Often people with small, medium gardens try to cram in as much as possible, pots all over, hanging baskets, beds, small water features to name a few. The issue with a compact garden is the more you put in it the smaller and more cluttered it can feel.

    Wolverhampton garden design
    Wolverhampton garden design

    Having experience is often the key to a successful smaller garden. If you want a small, themed garden for example using stone sculptures, formations, gravel will probably completely overshadow the design. If there’s just too much to look at, it looks strained and piecemeal. It’s best to stick to a few items and display them properly. Less means more space.

    Perfect Colour theme

    Our style with small gardens is to take time choosing the perfect colour theme. A more natural garden design would let you use a mix of different colours and light shades over a larger area.

    However, in a smaller garden, this can emphasise the lack of space as you can only fit maybe one or two of each of these coloured plants in before your garden is packed like sardines. It can also make a garden look quite separate unless done in a cottage style.

    M & P Mckeown Landscapes Wolverhampton prefer to take say 2-3 colours and contrast them. This not only allows you to group plants based on colour to give coalition, but it also creates a real focus in a smaller garden design.

    You want to slow down the impact of a smaller garden so it’s not a one-hit-wonder. Using a robust colour theme of a couple of colours makes you focus on each which in turn slows you down. There is less to distract and interrupt your attention when you use a more limited colour.

    Play to your resistance

    If your garden is nearly always enclosed in the shade, then work with it! There is no point in trying to grow certain types of flowers in a shady garden. As they thrive on the warm sunshine. The natural world has a way of creating plants for all aspects, lighting, and conditions so our designs always work with this. If your garden has sunlight all day long, then work with it!

    Wolverhampton garden design
    Wolverhampton garden design

    We can provide planting plans that will flourish in your garden conditions. By paying particular attention to the aspect and conditions you can avoid those sad sorry-looking plants that are being forced to try and succeed in unpleasant planting conditions!

    Exquisite focal point

    We usually advise that an exquisite focal point is used to draw attention to the best or better areas of your garden. What’s the best area of my garden you may ask? This is the area that either gets the most sunlight, has the best view and condition.

    A focal point provides something for you and your visitors to be drawn to. It doesn’t need to be right in the middle of a lawn or a big sculpture. A focal point can be elusive such as a doorway that gives a hint of something on the other side. It could be a sculpture in a border that makes you want to explore further!

    The fundamental is planning and tackling the project as a whole, landscaping first, then planting, rather than building the garden piecemeal, this is where you can see everything on offer at once.

    Influence Wildlife and Nature

    With the increase of Urban sprawl and the conversion of many front gardens into concrete driveways and back gardens into slabbed areas, wildlife has a challenge. Its a sad fact that many green front gardens have now been converted into parking as the increase in motor vehicles has soared in the past years.

    Wolverhampton garden design

    M & P Mckeown Landscapes can design an environmentally friendly garden whilst incorporating the basics such as a parking space area for the back. Whether it’s using window planters, container planting, low maintenance projects you can have the best of both worlds.

    This both encourages wildlife, reduces the increased flood risk of non-permeable driveways, and makes your property much more appealing to look at!

    Wildlife is a crucial part of Wolverhampton Garden Design because not only will it keep garden pests under control, but it also helps environmentally. The reduction in honeybees has already shown an effect on crop production. We must always do our best to reduce our impact on mother nature and an M & P Mckeown Landscapes project always has this at the forefront of its garden designs. I encourage pollen-rich planting for bees and insects providing habitats where we can coexist with current wildlife.

    M & P Mckeown Landscapes Design Services

    We can help you achieve that perfect garden. If you want a functional but fantastic garden, then please get in touch today. Why not have a look at our recent portfolio for examples of our work or send us a message through our contact page.

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